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Australia's Ultimate Adventure Racing Series

...... We will return with more Adventure Races in the future!  For now we are taking a break from the Adventure Racing Scene while we work on some new ventures!


Pit yourself against nature, the elements, and your own physical and mental limits in Australia's Ultimate Adventure Racing Series.

If you enjoy fast-paced Adventure, pushing new boundaries, testing your mental acuity in a challenging environment or just having a heap of fun while pitted against the greatest obstacles that nature can provide, then the sport of Adventure Racing is definitely for you.

Team up with a friend, a loved one, gym buddy or your children and get along to any of our Adventure Races coming to you soon!


 What do others say about our Adventure Races?

"I started Adventure Racing to gain fitness.  The fitness gain is now a secondary motivation, behind the new friendships, the new social life and the new zest for life that I now enjoy.  I was tentative about giving my first adventure race a go.  Now, thanks to iAdventure, I have a totally new and exciting outlook on life.  Don't wait for life to come to you.... Go out and seek it!"



General Information

Level: Complete beginner through to seasoned adventurer. Navigation is basic, however advanced legs with slightly more advanced navigational challenge are usually thrown in for the experienced competitors.

Length: Between 2½ to 6 hours.

Distance: Typically Sprint Adventure Races will consist of 4-6km of paddling, 6-10km of running/trekking, and 10-18km of mountain bike riding.

Teams: Teams of 2 - male, female or mixed.

Inclusions:Race, kayak/PFD & paddles, post race nibbles, maps and a super-fun day out.

What you need: A pair of runners, a bike and a massive sense of adventure. A backpack, water bottle and compass will also go a long way! Check out the gear list here.

Beginner Friendly: Definitely! Past competitors have been aged from 8 to 80 years of age. If you're fit and healthy, or just kicking on into a new active lifestyle, our Adventure Races are the ideal way to invigorate and motivate you to get fit and stay fit.

Advanced Competitors: We cater to Advanced competitors by adding Advanced segments to our events, to test both their physical and mental ability.  Advanced competitors race a rogaine style event in that there is a 4.5 hour time limit.  Rarely do the Advanced Competitors do under 4 hours at our events.




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