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iAdventure's Adventure Racing Sprints are a super-fun way to get into Adventure Racing, and a great way to develop your skills and fitness for that next big adventure challenge. Teams of 2 will be challenged to a short version of a traditional Adventure Race, involving navigating around a course via kayak, mountain bike and foot.

Races are achievable by competitors of all fitness levels and abilities.

General Information

Level: Complete beginner through to seasoned adventurer. Navigation is basic, however advanced legs with slightly more advanced navigational challenge are usually thrown in for the experienced competitors.

Length: Between 2½ to 6 hours.

Distance: Typically Sprint Adventure Races will consist of 4-6km of paddling, 6-10km of running/trekking, and 10-18km of mountain bike riding.

Teams: Teams of 2 - male, female or mixed.

Inclusions: Race, kayak/PFD & paddles, post race nibbles, maps and a super-fun day out.

What you need: A pair of runners, a bike and a massive sense of adventure. A backpack, water bottle and compass will also go a long way! Check out the gear list here.

Beginner Friendly: Definately! Past competitors have been aged from 8 to 80 years of age. If you're fit and healthy, or just kicking on into a new active lifestyle, our Adventure Races are the ideal way to invigorate and motivate you to get fit and stay fit.

Advanced Competitors: We cater to Advanced competitors by adding Advanced segments to our events, to test both the physical and mental.