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Race Report - Solo Racer "Rusty Knees"

SOLO Race Report - Guy O'Neill

Mt. Crosby Adventure Race - November 2013

Mt Crosby... I'm sure I climbed it, with shaking legs & 4 blood blistered toes, I found out how minor nav errors can lead to unwanted extra time and undesirable elevation.

A good crowd of racers, embarked on what ended up to be a searing 38 degree slug fest. Many made it back before the cut off time of 12:30 but not for saving their points.... they had enough of the unforgiving heat ... me included.


Race Report - Team JAK


Mt. Crosby Adventure Race - November 2013

The start of this race was probably the most interesting I've had so far. Two days out of the race I discovered my original team mate was too unwell to compete, so I threw around a few facebook shout outs in the hope I wouldn't lose the $190 entry fee and would still get to run around in the bush and have a bit of fun. The night before the race at about 10:20pm, I had a new partner - the lovely Andrea Peebles from New Zealand.


Brisbane Adventure Race Report - Team MOJO AR

Adventure Race Report - Team MOJO AR

Mt. Crosby - 3rd November 2013

I think I remember saying that this race would be so hot it would melt the rubber off your tyres.. Well Mt Crosby lived up to her reputation.. 35 plus degrees on the day.


Race Report - Team Mojo

Race Report- Team MOJO

IAdventure 8 Hour

It was a glorious winter morning when Team MOJO set out on what would be our 8th  Adventure Race since the teams inception... 

This race - the 8 hour- was nearly double the length of previous races, and a step up in testing our skills.


Race Report - Teamexplore

Teamexplore 'cruise' to 2nd place at the Queensland 8-hour

After a long but exciting couple of months of racing almost every weekend I was well overdue for a rest, but fortunately or unfortunately whichever way you look at it a post come up on FB for someone looking for a kiwi to race with. How could I refuse!

With a wad of notes and instructions at map hand out time, “to me any more than super simple instructions just does my head in and this was to be one of those days”.  Yes I did mark at least 16 of the foot Cps instead of 13. Anyway today was about a casual approach and not too much pressure.

At 7.45Am the hooter went and 50 odd teams all headed for CP 1 then some went for CP2 and CP3 while we went to the boats and paddled to CPA to pick up a clue sheet for an extra bonus leg. (A Sudoku puzzle) which I have absolutely no time for! Then onto CPB and a paddle back towards HQ for run to CP2 and 3 in order. Completed then a  quick paddle over the Ewan Maddock dam while the waves crashed over the front, hence I got soaked while Luke in the back stayed dry to drop the boats off at X marks the spot.


Tri-Adventure Race Report


With the bike drop at 5.30am….it was a very early start….especially for my race partner Kelsey who had to come from Boonah for the event….she was on the go from 2.30am!!  We dropped our bikes and gear in the dark and headed around to the north side of Ewen Maddock Dam to race HQ at Maddock Park.  It was quite chilly…and I had noted on my car thermometer a reading of 4.5 degrees as I was driving through Yandina on the way there!  The usual suspects were at the event….and we had five Tri Adventure teams competing….

Steve and Rowdy (Lost in Space), the Kromes (For better or worse..), Julie and Petra (Trihards), Cass & Darryn (Team Kimlin) and Kelsey and myself (Tri Adventure Girls)….unfortunately the team of John and Julia didn’t eventuate due to John getting a last minute flu bug.

Map handout was 6.15am….and we took a while to digest the instructions…..before getting into the maps.  An 8 hour event with cut-offs, bonus CPs, a mystery leg, codes to crack and boxes to unlock….it was all too much to think about….and we only had 1.5hrs!!  Kelsey and I did our best to plan a course and opted to get the bonus paddle CPs which were worth 25 points…. We thought we would sacrifice a few of the foot rogaine CPs (had to get 6 out of 13) and hopefully make it back in time for the cut-off at 3.45pm without losing our hard-earned  points!


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