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The Trihards - They do try so hard!

DISCIPLINE:  Not much discipline at all - but they'd say Adventure Racing.

SPECIALITY:  Telling stories about their endeavours after the event.

As an Adventure Racing company at its core, iAdventure and the crew that run the show love heading South to the Southern NSW & ACT region.  No, it's not to enjoy the cool, crisp Canberra mornings in the middle of winter, nor is it to be closer to Australia's political heart.  It's because one team - The Trihards - will without doubt be participating in whichever event it is that we are in town to host, and following the event, the masterful art of race reporting will be attacked with a certain vigour and passion that only the Trihard reporter can muster.  We'll give you the link to their race reports soon, but first, a little about the team from team captain Chris Lucey.


Anne B - CX, SS, Super Masters, putting most mountain bikers to shame


Most riders are daunted by the prospect of riding 100km, on dirt, with 20+ gears, on full suspension mountain bikes.

But not Anne.  So much so, Anne is trying to make the Husky a little harder this year.  She'll be riding a fully rigid, skinny tyred, drop bar equipped, single speeded cyclocross bike.  It's enough to give a hardened soul nightmares for weeks on end.


Aaron M - Single Speed is the only option

AARON M - Only one gear required!

Aaron M has invited guests from Brisbane to come down and have a ride at the Husky100.  Aaron, a local rider, thinks there's only one way to attack the Husky100 course, on a one-geared bike!  And this from a man who's recently ridden from the NSW South Coast all the way to Ireland.


Emily Cunningham - Taking it to the next level at the Husky100

"Was convinced to race a few years ago and loved it, now I’m the one doing the convincing..."

Emily Cunningham is racing her first 100km XC Marathon Event.  After being convinced by friends to get into racing in the teams events, she's now passionate about the sport and ready to take it to the next level, the XCM.


Andrew Hall - powered by Curry

"It's always a fun and well run race"

Andrew Hall is another of the Elite level riders that we have watched rise through the ranks at the Stevens Bikes Husky100.  Lining up for his 4th Husky in a row, Andy has achieved an overall position of 20th, 10th, and then agonizingly, a 4th in last years 5-way sprint for line honours.


Central Coast Adventure Race Report - Team No Limits


If I had to describe the race in one word, it would have to be "wet". It was raining when we left Sydney at 5am & kept on raining the whole morning until we finished the event.


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