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Husky100 Entries open

The Stevens Bikes Husky100 Mountain Bike Marathon rumbles into its 4th year with a host of changes to build on the success of this increasingly popular endurance ride.

The sublime single-track and achievable course profile see a varied mix of young and not-so-young, male and female riders from complete beginners to seasoned veterans travelling to the stunning Jervis Bay region each June in order to test themselves on the coastal trails of ‘The Husky’.

Amongst some of the changes to the event for 2013 are a completely revamped 100km and 50km course, and the introduction of a beginner and youngster friendly 15km option.  All of this adds up to even more flowy single-track in the Husky100 than ever before.

The Husky100 has been won by some of Australia’s biggest names in Mountain Biking with Jason English, Matt Fleming, Shaun Lewis and Jenny Fay sharing in the spoils from previous years.  Three time 24-hour Solo Mountain Biking World Champion Jason English says of the course “Four F-words come to mind straight away – Fast, Fun, Flowy and Flat.  Seriously the course is suited to the beginner as there are no big hills or overly technical sections, while it also rips the leg off the faster riders trying to do a sub four hour race as there is no reprieve from pedalling on the course.  It’s consistent effort all the time”.

Were there any other highlights for you at the Husky100 Jason? 

“The Feed Stations are awesome.  The amount of lollies, bananas and Shotz electrolyte is ridiculous.  No, wait!  The icecream and fruit salad at the finish line was what stood out for me.  I may not have won the race last year, but I was the first one to the fruit salad and icecream so, in my mind, I was a winner!”

Course Director and iAdventure owner Matt Koerber added “We really enjoy seeing the incredible spread of age and ability that is attracted by the Husky100’s festival atmosphere and achievable course.  The participants coming along with their families and just having a go are what really makes the Husky100 special to us, as that is what the sport of Mountain Biking is all about – participating and having a go.  In fact I believe we have created the perfect first up event for anyone looking to tackle their first long distance Mountain Bike race.

Entries to this years “Husky”, scheduled for the 29th of June, go on sale at 10am on Wednesday the 23rd of January.  Entries are expecting to sell quickly so get your entry in early and start your preparations to ride “The Husky”.  More information can be found at the event website –


Brisbane Adventure Racing Report - Team MOJO

Team MOJO Race Report

After participating in a number of races in the last few years, I am convinced that it is near impossible to have a perfect race prep! Something about working full time, running your own business and raising a family as well as being active team members of our church band seem to occasionally get in our way….

Our race prep was fairly average and we both managed to include some snow ski training (endurance and muscle strength for Errin) and learning to fall down better (me). We entered the race last minute after a little coercion from our training partners. We tell you this only to take away your excuses…..If we can do it so can you! We signed up this time with a goal of finishing the race and getting all the mandatory checkpoints.

Race day was at the end of a particularly busy week for both of us and our enthusiasm was dampened by weariness. But never the less we set out…

The race plan and mapping were relatively straightforward with no major surprises.

The race began with a 400m run around the start area, I immediately chose E as the runner, his legs are much longer and his average speed is , well……faster! We then stayed with the pack until the first few checkpoints. It was a bit of bottleneck and this was the first time I ever had to line up to get the card stamped.

The first major challenge involved pushing our bikes up a cliff. I’m not sure we really needed to do this but we did (as did a mass of other people). Probably just as well this was at the start of the race because I’m not sure I could have done it near the end. After navigating a few races I was seriously glad not to be navigating this one. The trail was slippery in places and I managed to utilize my ski falling down training, to do a nice slow motion fall on my bike. Thankfully I was able to get straight back up and keep going.

The next section was a Rogaine. I think you are meant to run – but we  (and stacks of others ) didn’t get that memo. We did run down hill where possible though. It was at this point we eyeballed Team Yellow. They became our nemesis, as they seemed to be going similar pace to us. Rogaine successfully completed and onto a short bike leg. The temperature was climbing by this time but we had refreshed with GU and managed to stay well hydrated so we felt pretty good. Run –kayak –run was next or maybe we should call it run – kayak – carry kayak up hundreds of metre hill – run section…the kayak was relatively painless and we were happy with our upstream down stream strategy. A strong head wind had picked up we were excited it would potentially help us kayak back home on the last leg – however the wind died down just as we started back…shame..

After meeting up with Team Yellow and others E led the way finding the checkpoint waaaaaay up the creek. It was fun and cool  (literally) walking along the creek bed! Thankfully we never met any other creatures enjoying the scenery. After clicking up the creek checkpoint we climbed up the hill again to what we thought might be the next checkpoint. The compass really would have been useful here because we ended up going a little off track…funny enough who should come out of the bush also going the wrong way but - yep Team Yellow. Finally we made it back to our bikes and to the final leg. This mostly consisted of pushing our bikes up lots of hills and throwing them over barbwire fences. E managed to push extra bikes up hills for a few grateful racers too, what a champ!

With only one minor navigation error we were guaranteed to be in by one – which was also a goal for us. We rode in –yeah finished!! Checked in with Matt only to be told we had missed the last checkpoint…oh well back out again, no point getting a time penalty when it was so close. We got it and guess who was there….yup Team Yellow. Sadly Mr Team Yellow had broken his chain and had a stack so he was now looking like Team Brown and Red. Finally though we really did finish…twice and so did Team Yellow. (Hope your are ok Mr Team Yellow – and thanks for the competition along the way! ). I concur... a couple of issues with grammar that's all.

A big thanks to the iAdventure team for putting on a great race and a great course... Team MOJO will definitely be back for more!

E and Jo Team MOJO AR


2012 Real Insurance XCM Series review

The Real Insurance XCM Series comes to a conclusion for 2012 with the running of the Highland Fling in a few weeks.  This video reviews the series so far and interviews the riders that stand to take out this years series. 

The series has attracted over 5,000 riders over six events, starting in April. It is not only the elite riders that are hell bent on winning the series, many of the category riders have made it their racing priority for the year.




Win the Ultimate Adventure Giveaway

iAdventure, along with sponsors Stevens Bikes, Shotz Sports Nutrition and The Sabah Adventure Challenge, are giving you the opportunity to win the Ultimate Adventure Giveaway, featuring:

  • a brand new Stevens Bike with more than $2,500.
  • a custom team kit from iAdventure.
  • Team race nutrition to the value of $250 compliments of Shotz Nutrition.
  • and the adventure racing experience of a lifetime with entry into the 2014 Sabah Adventure Challenge, which is into its 14th year as Malaysia's original Adventure Race in the heart of North Borneo.

All you need to do is register for any of iAdventure's Adventure Races before the 31st of July 2013. The more adventure races you enter, the more entries you will receive into the draw.


For full details of the giveaway, including terms & conditions, please visit the Ultimate Adventure Giveaway webpage.

Adventure Race sac2010 021



Solo Adventure Racing - Here Now!

Due to increasing and very popular demand, iAdventure have decided to add a Solo Category to a selection of their remaining 2012, and recently announced 2013 events.

The new Category will allow solo competitors to tackle the demands of Adventure Racing in the Australian bush all by their lonesome. Soloists will be required to supply their own kayaks, paddles and PFD's, allowing some of the more seasoned competitors the chance to make use of their full arsenal of adventure racing weaponry.

Entries to the Solo Category of the Canberra Adventure Race open on the 20th of September at 2pm. Other Adventure Races allowing a solo category will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned!


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