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Brisbane Adventure Racing Report - Team MOJO

Team MOJO Race Report

After participating in a number of races in the last few years, I am convinced that it is near impossible to have a perfect race prep! Something about working full time, running your own business and raising a family as well as being active team members of our church band seem to occasionally get in our way….

Our race prep was fairly average and we both managed to include some snow ski training (endurance and muscle strength for Errin) and learning to fall down better (me). We entered the race last minute after a little coercion from our training partners. We tell you this only to take away your excuses…..If we can do it so can you! We signed up this time with a goal of finishing the race and getting all the mandatory checkpoints.

Race day was at the end of a particularly busy week for both of us and our enthusiasm was dampened by weariness. But never the less we set out…

The race plan and mapping were relatively straightforward with no major surprises.

The race began with a 400m run around the start area, I immediately chose E as the runner, his legs are much longer and his average speed is , well……faster! We then stayed with the pack until the first few checkpoints. It was a bit of bottleneck and this was the first time I ever had to line up to get the card stamped.

The first major challenge involved pushing our bikes up a cliff. I’m not sure we really needed to do this but we did (as did a mass of other people). Probably just as well this was at the start of the race because I’m not sure I could have done it near the end. After navigating a few races I was seriously glad not to be navigating this one. The trail was slippery in places and I managed to utilize my ski falling down training, to do a nice slow motion fall on my bike. Thankfully I was able to get straight back up and keep going.

The next section was a Rogaine. I think you are meant to run – but we  (and stacks of others ) didn’t get that memo. We did run down hill where possible though. It was at this point we eyeballed Team Yellow. They became our nemesis, as they seemed to be going similar pace to us. Rogaine successfully completed and onto a short bike leg. The temperature was climbing by this time but we had refreshed with GU and managed to stay well hydrated so we felt pretty good. Run –kayak –run was next or maybe we should call it run – kayak – carry kayak up hundreds of metre hill – run section…the kayak was relatively painless and we were happy with our upstream down stream strategy. A strong head wind had picked up we were excited it would potentially help us kayak back home on the last leg – however the wind died down just as we started back…shame..

After meeting up with Team Yellow and others E led the way finding the checkpoint waaaaaay up the creek. It was fun and cool  (literally) walking along the creek bed! Thankfully we never met any other creatures enjoying the scenery. After clicking up the creek checkpoint we climbed up the hill again to what we thought might be the next checkpoint. The compass really would have been useful here because we ended up going a little off track…funny enough who should come out of the bush also going the wrong way but - yep Team Yellow. Finally we made it back to our bikes and to the final leg. This mostly consisted of pushing our bikes up lots of hills and throwing them over barbwire fences. E managed to push extra bikes up hills for a few grateful racers too, what a champ!

With only one minor navigation error we were guaranteed to be in by one – which was also a goal for us. We rode in –yeah finished!! Checked in with Matt only to be told we had missed the last checkpoint…oh well back out again, no point getting a time penalty when it was so close. We got it and guess who was there….yup Team Yellow. Sadly Mr Team Yellow had broken his chain and had a stack so he was now looking like Team Brown and Red. Finally though we really did finish…twice and so did Team Yellow. (Hope your are ok Mr Team Yellow – and thanks for the competition along the way! ). I concur... a couple of issues with grammar that's all.

A big thanks to the iAdventure team for putting on a great race and a great course... Team MOJO will definitely be back for more!

E and Jo Team MOJO AR


2012 Real Insurance XCM Series review

The Real Insurance XCM Series comes to a conclusion for 2012 with the running of the Highland Fling in a few weeks.  This video reviews the series so far and interviews the riders that stand to take out this years series. 

The series has attracted over 5,000 riders over six events, starting in April. It is not only the elite riders that are hell bent on winning the series, many of the category riders have made it their racing priority for the year.




Win the Ultimate Adventure Giveaway

iAdventure, along with sponsors Stevens Bikes, Shotz Sports Nutrition and The Sabah Adventure Challenge, are giving you the opportunity to win the Ultimate Adventure Giveaway, featuring:

  • a brand new Stevens Bike with more than $2,500.
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For full details of the giveaway, including terms & conditions, please visit the Ultimate Adventure Giveaway webpage.

Adventure Race sac2010 021



Solo Adventure Racing - Here Now!

Due to increasing and very popular demand, iAdventure have decided to add a Solo Category to a selection of their remaining 2012, and recently announced 2013 events.

The new Category will allow solo competitors to tackle the demands of Adventure Racing in the Australian bush all by their lonesome. Soloists will be required to supply their own kayaks, paddles and PFD's, allowing some of the more seasoned competitors the chance to make use of their full arsenal of adventure racing weaponry.

Entries to the Solo Category of the Canberra Adventure Race open on the 20th of September at 2pm. Other Adventure Races allowing a solo category will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned!


Sydney Adventure Race - Race Report

Sydney Adventure Race - 1st September 2012

 "Thanks so much to iAdventure for enabling us to share this wonderful sport with our children".

The day started very early loading the whole family into the car for the drive to Narrabeen for the race. The awesome golden pink sunrise a glimpse of the day that was to come. IAdventure were all set up at the Sydney Sports Academy on the shores of Narrabeen Lake. There was a bit of a breeze blowing and the early morning air was cool and crisp. This was a different race for me as I was about to take my eldest girl Rebecca out on her first AR race – aged only 9. Bec and I were both nervous for probably the same but slightly different reasons – this being a first for both of us. We wandered down to registration to collect our kit. The AR community is one of the best sporting communities I know – so happy to provide support and encouragement to everyone else, and this was no exception.

Adventure RacingBec and I studied the maps together; a kayak leg was first, so at least we could change into dry clothes when we got back to the TA. The start was a little frenetic, as they all are, with a dash to collect control cards and then down to the boats. Bec and I were in the water near last (part of our plan to avoid any early bumps and not slow up any other teams), but once on the water we held our own, even managing to pass a few teams on the way. The breeze was making the going a little tougher and certainly colder than we expected, but Bec managed to paddle most of the time and help out at each CP, finally we were off the kayak and changing for the first Rogaine, CPs around the academy. We walked for bit waiting for the legs to warm up and then we were into a jog, all CPs collected we were onto the bike – for what I knew would be the toughest leg, a climb up from the lake toward Cromer. I had decided not to tell Bec too much of what was to happen so we could face each challenge as it arose.

We started cycling up the hills and at one point Bec looked very upset (so I was very concerned that she was having a tough time of it). I enquired what the matter was and the response flawed me – “I just want to go faster dad!” We then hit the rough trails and had to hike a bike – Bec was determined to do it all herself, but I eventually persuaded her to let me help, which was easier done as other teams around us were also helping each other out. We passed thought the TA area and reached the top of the hill, Bec said to me “WOW dad look at that VIEW” – she was so excited. I said to her that is why I race to get to see views like that! We collected the next set of CPs and back to the TA for the Rogaine, and set off on foot. The day was a cracker – clear blue sky, endless views, the breeze was now a godsend keeping us cool.

The Rogaine was wonderful, a climb up to CP 18, we passed another team looking for the CP and I said to them that I thought the CP would be further on – which it was (phew). Bec had asked me earlier in the race had I ever been lost – to which I responded as most AR racers would – of course not (temporarily misplaced perhaps – but never lost). The other team suggested we go back the way we came as another team had advised that the direct track between 18 and 19 was a bit rough. A valuable lesson that the most direct route is not always the fastest. So we ran along the trail to CP 19 – the highlight of the day for Bec was climbing up in the small cave to clip our control card. Over 3 hours in and Bec was still going very well – thanks to a great deal of encouragement from other teams we passed (most of whom were already on the bonus leg). We collected CP 20 the last of the compulsory CPs and headed back to the TA. We discussed that we would not attempt any of the bonus leg and chose to finish the race having more than achieved our goal. Adventure Race

We rode back down the course to the finish, and you could not wipe the smile from Bec’s face having completed her first AR. Thank you so much to the organisers and volunteers, and thank you so much to all the competitors who gave so much encouragement to my daughter. Along with Bec there were 3 other younger people in the race, an 11 year old boy racing with his mum and two teenage girls. Thanks so much to iAdventure for enabling us to share this wonderful sport with our children. And to other parents I would encourage you to get out there and take it on with your children, I cannot tell you how much it has deepened our family bond, and perhaps in the next couple of years our younger daughter will also start racing (she already wants to) and the whole family will be out there.

I must congratulate iAdventure for running one of the best Sprint AR events I have ever been to. It is fantastic to include the bonus legs that enable teams to keep racing for longer, and the food at the end was fantastic.

See you next time Paul G


Adventure Racing Report - Team M&M's

Brisbane | South-East QLD Adventure Race - 25 August 2012

"Great event, which is why we will be back - 2013 will be awesome".

This adventure race was a great experience; a girlfriend from work joined me to make up team “M & M”. This was her first adventure race and my second.

We stayed overnight at a nearby motel and were up with the birds all packed and ready for action.

We arrived at the location and unloaded our mountain bikes and gear … Next was registration as we needed to collect our maps, bibs and instructions.  We were very excited and keen for the fun. The expectation was that we would enjoy the race and work as a team to finish (hoping to do our best).

Overall the day went well,  and even though it is winter, the temperature was quite warm.

The first leg was a run with 2 checkpoints to collect, then onto the bikes.  We weren't really sure how the bonus checkpoints worked and might need to look at including some for the next time.  We were happy to just follow the course and collect the necessary checkpoints as this was challenging enough for us.

They don’t call it a mountain for nothing and the MTB tracks were fairly hilly and technical in parts. The bike legs were the main components of the race, which made it heaps of fun…. My GF’s back tyre fell off at one stage, not really funny but added to the day (a few giggles). No one was injured and we were high fiving at every checkpoint and racing on to the next.

Navigation went smoothly with no checkpoints missed and finding them seemed to flow really well.

The kayaking leg was our least favourite and there were three checkpoints to collect to the finish. 

I am glad it was the last leg and the body of water being a dam, as with creeks it is much easier out than back…

Surprisingly there was a huge mix of people in the event... male/male, female/female, male/female, adult/child, child/child etc... looked like friends, married couples, sisters, dad's, son's, brothers - you name it, they had teamed up for the day!!!

Great event, which is why we will be back - 2013 will be awesome.



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