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iAdventure has a number of events in the field of Adventure, Multisport and Mountain Bike racing under development. We are currently seeking entrepreneurial companies interested in partnering with us to sponsor these events.

All of our events evoke emotion, provide an excellent event experience, and stir the imagination of competitors and spectators alike.

Commercial supporters will receive year-round exposure through media, marketing and promotional activity and importantly will become part of a vibrant, lifestyle opportunity that provides community health focus, healthy lifestyle, promotes anti-obesity whilst retaining all the emotional elements, brand loyalty and team building that the right organisation or industry can become involved in and leverage for maximum corporate benefit.

For further information, or a full sponsorship proposal, please Contact Us.


Latest News

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Once again the Shoalhaven region, along with a substantial proportion of the East Coast of
Monday, 24 November
A massive weekend here at Husky HQ. In the course of finalising this years routes, we've been able
Wednesday, 04 December
24 November 2013 iAdventure Race Report – Everyone Relax Pre Event I’m not sure really where